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What is VRR (variable refresh rate)?

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Update time : 2023-12-21 10:07:57
  When the PS5 was launched, every gamer was looking forward to the new features of the next-generation console because it was equipped with the latest HDMI™ 2.1 port. The VRR function in HDMI™ 2.1 allowed TVs and monitors to adjust and update according to the frame rate of the output device. Speed, including eliminating delays, screen tearing and other phenomena, resulting in smoother images and game fluency. However, when the PS5 was first launched, it did not yet support VRR.
  Now, we are happy to see that PS5 supports VRR. Most users are not only excited to use the latest technology, but also want to know what VRR is and what benefits it can bring to us. We have compiled some information below for your reference.
  1. What is VRR (variable refresh rate)?
  Have you ever seen screen tearing when playing games? You can clearly see that a screen seems to be divided into several pictures, which is very annoying and affects the gaming experience. This is why many PC gamers buy GSYNC or Freesync monitors. They are all VRR technologies. However, VRR on PS5 is a little different as it's one of the features built into HDMI™ 2.1. However, its function is the same as GSYNC and Freesync. Using VRR, we can get a smooth picture without seeing the picture being cut.
  2. Why does the screen tear?
  You may have experienced screen tearing, but it does not always occur. So under what circumstances does tearing occur? This involves the operation between the display card and the monitor. The number of images output by the display card per second is Floating is the FPS that everyone often sees, and the number of images displayed by the monitor per second is fixed (refresh rate). When the number of output images of the display card and the monitor is not synchronized, the picture on the monitor will appear. tear.
  3. How does VRR work with PS5?
  According to SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment, Inc.), PS5 already supports VRR. To ensure VRR use, you need a monitor or TV equipped with HDMI™ 2.1. And check the bandwidth of HDMI™2.1. If the bandwidth of HDMI™2.1 is insufficient, it may affect the use of VRR or other functions on HDMI™2.1.
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