1. MOQ & OEM Time?

Sample :Stock 1-5pcs, 3-5 days send out
OEM + Free LOGO: 500pcs, 15-35 days send out
ODM Design + Free LOGO:  2pcs, 90 days send out
Note:If the plan is modified, the schedule will be renegotiated

2. Guarantee?

We promise check one by one before shipping.
Warranty: 12 months.
If any problem because of quality not by man, please send us the picture and video, We give immediate evaluation and after sale, we will send you replacement during the quality guarantee period by Product situation.

3. Payment term?

We prefer to Alibaba Trade Assurance, T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal 
Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express, etc.)

4. Can we get rebate for long term cooperation?

Of course, we have an advanced incentive system that gives rebates or discounts each year based on the total order amount at the end of the year.

5Where should I contact if have problem?

You should write to us at [email protected].

6. How do I get product prices?

Send an inquiry or email message in the product, we will reply and give the product information.

7. What does membership offer?

PURPLELEC Provide the following services
* The latest product report
* The latest market trends
* The best team service
* ETC~~~

8. How long do I return an item?

You have 28 days time period to return an item When you receive the goods. We would like to strongly mention here item must be unworn and in resalable condition. If we found the item is not resalable condition we have full right to deduct an appropriate amount from your amount.