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Purplelec inc. co., ltd

Our Vision
3C product accessories intelligent manufacturer, International brand solution supplier. 


Our Mission
Let customers succeed, let strivers happiness. 

Since 2008 PURPLELEC has accumulated rich technology and experience. PURPLELEC INC. founded in 2012. It is a high-tech company focusing on research and design, production, brand servies, and brand solution provider.

Companies adhering to the "Realistic, Enterprising, Innovation, Responsibility, Collaboration, Win-win" corporate values, relying on its own product forward-looking technology advantages, ride the international production ecological chain high-speed express, sustainable and steady development. Annual sales figure that ranges up to US$ 50million. 

PURPLELEC INC. provides customers with computer hardware and software, intelligent mobile devices, storage network management, intelligent 3C products and other peripheral research and development. Existing product line: Docking and HUBs, HDD / SSD Enclosure, Video Capture Card, Radio & TV Broadcasting Equipment and other professional 3C accessories products.

Association Member

PURPLELEC is a member of the following industry associations, and is pleased to contribute better technology and products together with all developers.

HDMI Membership

HDMI brings us a lot of convenience and excellent experience in life, work and entertainment.
PURPLELEC have plenty of experience with video solutions.

HDCP Membership

PURPLELEC efforts to Protect high-value digital motion pictures, video and audio against unauthorized interception and copying between a digital set top box or digital video recorder and a digital TV or PC.

PCI-SIG Membership

PCI-SIG unified peripheral component specifications, different excellent features,bring the use of interconnecting operation communication. Make device connectivity bring better customer experience

USB-IF Membership

USB-IF forum facilitates the development of high-quality compatible USB devices, PURPLELEC have accumulated long-term experience. Breakthrough USB simultaneous compatible use

Research & Design


After 14 years of technical accumulation, the company has rich experience in circuit board layout design, and optimize and upgrade the heat dissipation of each original position of the circuit board, and improve the product durability.


Unique product solutions, practical and innovative product chip solutions, ensure product function diversification and stability, but also greatly improve the product performance, let you work more efficient.

Purplelec inc. co., ltd

Continuous Innovation

Purplelec inc. co., ltd


PURPLELEC and the brand customers work together to transform the unique new ideas of customers into practical solutions, inject a steady stream of vitality into the brand,creating higher value for customers' brands.


We are based on long-term research and development technology, manufacturing experience, brand service to create professional ability, so far, the company has served more than 100 brands around the world, continue to do our best to treat every project.

Personnel Development


PURPLELEC adhere to the people-oriented management and guidance concept, give full play to the enthusiasm and potential of all staff cooperation, and strive to provide the broadest development platform for excellent talents, so as to realize the common growth of the company and staff.


We look forward to your joining us and working towards a better future together.

Purplelec inc. co., ltd

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    Brand Partners are mainly PURPLELEC adhere to new thinking with customers, development, explore new technology, new products, is the focus of the company and brand cooperation program.
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