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4K60 live recording capture card supporting VRR

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Update time : 2023-12-21 10:34:29
  This 4K60 high-definition audio and video capture card that supports VRR can realize 4K60/2K144/1080P240 input and loop-out with a single card, and can enter the computer to capture live broadcasts with the same specifications and parameters. It uses a high-speed USB3.2 interface and the encoding format is NV12/I420/ YUY2/RGB24/P010/MJPEG, etc. Fully meet the needs of users in specific environments. The use of a brand-new processing chip ensures rich picture details, high signal-to-noise ratio, and greatly reduces the appearance of color fringing. At the same time, the internal motion-adaptive de-interlacing technology further ensures image quality.
video capture card
  The capture card supports HDR and VRR dynamic refresh rate input, which is especially suitable for PS5, XBOX, and PS4 game console games. Its HDMIIN uses HDMI2.1. It supports 4K60Hz or 1080P240Hz video input and loop-out. And its video recording interface uses the USB3.2 Gen1x1 interface, which can record 4K60 frame video or 1080P/240 frame video. At the same time, it has low latency when entering the computer, fully meeting the current needs of live broadcast recording on game consoles. It supports high resolution input, does not lock the frame rate of the front-end IPAD/mobile phone, and supports real-time capture of 4K60 input, further improving the quality of live broadcast. And the audio processing has been further enhanced, which solves the noise problem, makes the listening position clearer, and brings the live game experience to a higher level.
  Camera live broadcast: supports RGB24 high-definition lossless collection, and the Douyin camera can be directly called without black screen
  Game console live broadcast: supports HDR, VRR, captures 4K60Hz live broadcast without losing frames
  ipad live broadcast: supports true 4K60. High brush 240Hz live broadcast recording, no noise throughout the process
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