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What is the transmission speed of usb3.0

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Update time : 2023-12-20 10:56:27
  usb3.0 is the latest USB specification. This specification is mainly initiated by industry giants such as Intel, Micro-soft, HP, and Texas Instruments. Compared with usb2.0, it adds more parallel mode physical buses and combines host control with asynchronous transmission. , different from the half-duplex mode of USB2.0, it adopts two-way data transmission, simplifying the data flow direction and shortening the transmission time.
  The transmission speed of "usb3.0" is "5.0Gbps", which is 500MB per second; "usb3.0" adopts a two-way data transmission mode to simplify the data flow direction, shorten the transmission time, and add more parallel mode physical buses. It is characterized by a very fast transmission rate and is compatible with "USB2.0" and "USB1.1" devices. The "usb3.0" interface has type A male port, type B male port, AB universal female port and type B female port. Four forms.
usb3.0 transmission speed
  data transmission
  USB3.0 introduces full-duplex data transmission. Two of the five lines are used to send data, the other two are used to receive data, and one is a ground wire. In other words, USB 3.0 can perform read and write operations simultaneously and at full speed. Previous versions of USB did not support full-duplex data transfer.
  power supply
  The USB 3.0 standard requires that the USB 3.0 interface power supply capacity is 1A, while USB 2.0 is 0.5A.
  Power management
  USB 3.0 does not use device polling, but uses an interrupt-driven protocol. Therefore, the standby device does not consume power until an interrupt requests data transfer. In short, USB 3.0 supports states such as standby, hibernate, and suspend.
  Physical appearance
  The above specifications will also be reflected in the physical appearance of USB 3.0. But the USB 3.0 cable will be "thicker" because the USB 3.0 data cable has 4 more internal wires than the 2.0 one. However, this port is a drawback of USB 3.0. It contains additional connectivity equipment.
  support system
  Windows 10, Window8.1, Window8, Windows Vista, Windows 7 SP1 and Linux (and Linux-based Android) all support USB 3.0. Apple's latest Apple Mac book air and Mac book pro are also supported. For XP systems, USB 3.0 can be used, but only at USB 2.0 speeds.
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