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How to buy a video capture card

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Update time : 2023-09-12 11:43:43
  The price of the video capture card is mainly determined by several factors such as the resolution, frame rate, delay length and additional functions supported by the video capture card, and the higher the performance of the capture card, the higher the price.
video capture card
  How to buy video capture card
  1. Clarify the purpose of purchase
  There are many models of video capture card, they may be produced by different manufacturers, and each model of video capture card is focused on a specific function, so we had better be clear before the purchase of video capture card to buy the purpose of the card.
  For example, if we buy a video card for professional level video processing, then it is best to buy a video card that can produce professional graphics, because such video cards are often technically balanced in 2D/3D processing, and the performance is relatively stable; If you are an avid game fan, the purchase of video cards is mainly used to play games, then you should choose a display of high quality, 3D performance stable video capture card, so that you can enjoy a lot of high-quality, high-performance super games. In a word, when buying a video card, pay attention to its practicality.
  2. Choose the format
  Video capture card according to its structure can be divided into internal and external two systems, external video card is also called video receiver box, it is a relatively independent device, most can work independently of the computer host, that is to say, do not need to open the computer and run the software can use the video receiver box to accept video information, In addition, AV terminal and S terminal input, multi-function remote control, multi-channel video switching are provided.
  The external video box is easier to install and operate, more like using a home appliance, and the viewing clarity of the external product is often better than that of the built-in product. In addition to providing standard video reception functions, the built-in video card often provides different degrees of video capture functions, which can convert dynamic/static video signals into data streams. In addition to receiving video information, the video card with video capture can also cooperate with the analog camera device to form a visual communication system, which supports video transmission in communication software such as Net Meeting and IPhone.
  3. Select the purchase price
  The appropriate price level should then be determined based on the requirements for use and the availability of funds. Generally speaking, the video capture card is always used in conjunction with the computer and post-production equipment to form a system. In the same system, the quality indicators of various equipment must be consistent with each other, if the selected indicators are not consistent with the equipment, the final result is bound to reach the lowest of the indicators, then the money spent on the part of the equipment with high indicators is wasted.
  4. Select the capture effect
  Choosing a video capture card with good capture effect is definitely the pursuit of users. When choosing, the user can choose an ordinary video capture card or a video card for simple video production according to their needs. In the specific purchase of video cards, we should carefully check the video input and output interface, in addition to the ordinary RCA terminals, should also provide S-Video terminals.
  In terms of capture effect, the dynamic capture effect should be selected closer to the nominal 30 frames/second or 25 frames/second of the product, which should also ensure that the captured image screen color, brightness, contrast distortion is minimal.
video capture card
  5. Select resolution
  The resolution of the video capture card is inseparable from the computer connected to it. If we want to obtain some high-quality video images through the video capture card, we should pay attention to the resolution size of the video capture card when playing dynamic video. The higher the resolution, the better. No matter how bad the TV card is, it should not be lower than 300×200 the resolution standard that the ordinary TV can achieve, and for some better computer cards, it should reach or approach the video resolution standard of more than 400×300.
  Currently, most users actually buy video cards mainly for video processing or to enjoy games, so we should choose a slightly higher resolution video card whenever possible. Of course, in order to make the video card you buy the most perfect presentation effect, it is recommended that you adjust the resolution of the computer to the resolution of the video capture card you purchased.
  6. Video format
  If we buy a video card mainly for video editing processing, then we should pay attention to the video format that can be transferred after the capture card captures the image. Some video capture cards can only be saved as AVI video format, and there is no image compression function. In order to adapt to the editing and processing of video information in various formats, we had better choose a video capture card with high resolution, which can be saved as a variety of images and has image compression function.
  7. Select functions
  Now the video capture card function is more and more, but also more and more perfect. Usually an ordinary video capture card only has a few of the functions, we do not have to be demanding in the purchase of high, new, complete, as long as practical.
  For example, if you are using a laptop and want to use it for some professional video processing, then you can go for an external video card. If we want to do video conferencing, we can choose a multifunctional video capture card like AVer TV Phone, which combines a TV card, FM tuner, and video capture card in one. Because the card with video capture, so you can dynamic or static capture video pictures (non-compression), it does not need to buy a dedicated digital camera, as long as connected to the home camcorder or with a micro camera, through the corresponding software can achieve video phone or video conference. For those who focus on the game enthusiast level players, because more time may have to play some high-quality games, DVD playback, etc., so the 3D performance of the multi-function video card may be more concerned about some, after all, it is two 3D acceleration card manufacturing factories, quality and performance are absolutely guaranteed.
  8. Pay attention to other details
  After considering the above main aspects, you can also compare some details, such as whether the video capture card provides automatic search storage, whether it provides manually set auxiliary functions. Video card work on the computer screen to reproduce a clear low distortion of the TV picture is also very important, some of the video card picture there is a more obvious flicker, the image is more fuzzy, should try to buy the machine test.
  Video capture cards are generally equipped with hardware drivers to achieve PC control of the capture card and data communication, so pay attention to check whether there is a random driver disk. Also, to carefully check the video card support and have the type of video jack, in addition to the standard CCTV jack, AV video, audio input and output jacks, high-definition digital S-VIDEO jacks, etc. are also best to have, in order to facilitate and other audio, video equipment connected (such as: DVD player, speaker, etc.). This is especially important for friends who plan to buy a built-in TV card, because some manufacturers of TV cards do not provide these jacks.
  Of course, if you feel that you will not use these other video and audio ports in the future, you can ignore them, after all, the price of products without these jacks will be relatively cheap. In addition, the ability to receive cable TV supplement channels is also a problem to be considered, which is related to the characteristics of the high-frequency head used in the product, and cannot be compensated by the software after tomorrow. Finally, when purchasing, ask the dealer about the function of the product, and you should also carefully look at whether what is introduced on the manual is consistent with what the dealer said.