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Will HDMI to USB-C Work for Dual Monitors?

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Update time : 2023-09-11 11:54:34
  Monitor ports are connection points that allow various data and information flow. Over time, the evolution of monitor ports has resulted in ports that can also power and charge the devices they connect.
  You must understand how they work to settle on the connections that best meet your needs.
  Although there are many USB-C to HDMI adapters or even direct cables, there are barely any that go in the other direction. Unfortunately, this means your chances of connecting a USB-C-only monitor to an HDMI-only PC are slim.
HDMI adapters
  Before you even think about connecting USB-C to HDMI for dual monitors, first get the right adapter or cable for one monitor. Of course, the ideal one must support bi-directional signaling.
  Unfortunately, such products are costly because they have several integrated circuits inside.
  For example, if you have a DisplayPort-over-USB-C screen, you’d need these to connect:
  An active converter from HDMI to DisplayPort
  A way to convert DisplayPort to DP-over-USB-C
  Getting the first converter is relatively easy, but the second might be impossible. A means to create such a connection can exist technically, but it’s not likely to be in production at the moment. On the off chance that it is, it may challenge to find because you’d be overwhelmed with converters (it won’t work).