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What functions does the video capture card have?

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Update time : 2023-09-13 11:50:06
  A video capture card, in layman's terms, is a data collector. In academic terms, it outputs the mixed data of video data or audio data generated by our commonly used video products to the computer, and then A video file processor that converts mathematical data into mathematical data, stores them on the computer's hard drive, and can be edited and processed.
  We can divide the video capture cards into our regular civilian video capture cards and film and television professional video capture cards according to their uses. Its function is to obtain digital video information.
video capture card
  The role of the video capture card is not only for camera video capture. There are many industries that need to use it.
  1. Compression effect
  The material captured by a capture card is generated by hardware compression, while the video generation currently on the market all inputs data streams, which can be said to be compressed by cameras, so there are differences. A good HD capture card can output high-quality video.
  2. Monitoring function
  The monitor used when editing pictures is not a standard monitor, which means that the quality of your video will have color differences. It is not up to standard in terms of broadcast (TV station) specifications. Therefore, only the capture card can have output signal indicators connected to the monitor for monitoring. Currently, monitors only have composite signals, S-videos, component signals, 1394, etc.
  3. Live broadcast, signal collection and output
  The biggest function of the capture card is the intervention and output of a variety of signals. If you want to do large-scale programs or live broadcasts, you must have signal output and so on.
  4. Video image viewing
  The video images of video surveillance can be viewed through a video capture card, which requires the use of a video capture card.