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Deploying Laptop Docking Stations in 2023 and Beyond?

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Update time : 2023-09-13 13:56:00
  Do you manage or support laptop docking stations in a corporate environment? If so, you’re probably all too familiar with compatibility issues during deployment, support calls about missing cables, and concerns with unknown devices on your network. I think this is increasingly true with the continued transition to work environments.
  Recently I’ve been exploring what makes a dock not only secure, but also easily managed and widely compatible. Installing docks with IT pro performance features can make a substantial difference, especially in hot desk or hoteling setups.
laptop docking stations
  Universal laptop dock models support a variety of operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS. Processor support includes Intel, AMD, Apple M1/M2, and ARM. Options for both USB-C and USB-A laptop host connections further enable seamless integration. Additionally, Power Delivery support up to 100W allows compatibility with more laptops.
  Laptop docks, adapters, and cables can easily be removed from a desk space, and security can be compromised when unknown USB and network devices are connected. Hardware features like locking USB-C host cable connections, and software features like Mac Address Passthrough help the IT pro secure their environment.
  IT pro performance docks from Purplelec simplify the entire laptop dock lifecycle from initial product selection and deployment to ongoing support. This includes things like robust pre- and post-sales assistance, an available software suite with multiple utilities, and hardware indicator lights to enable quick diagnosis of simple issues.
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