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VGA to HDMI adapter cable VS VGA to HDMI converter which one is better?

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Update time : 2023-12-13 10:54:51
  First of all, vga to hdmi, VGA is an ana-log signal, and HDMI is a digital signal, vga to hdmi, ana-log signal to digital signal, if you use a vga to hdmi adapter cable, the signal can only maintain or reduce the signal quality after conversion. The high-definition converter is different, although the high-definition VGA to HDMI converter only performs format conversion and does not perform technical processing. However, the high-definition VGA to HDMI converter can ensure signal quality stability and output effect.
  For example, the conversion effect of the VGA to HDMI conversion cable depends on the original input VGA signal. It is only suitable for output devices with HDMI interfaces but without VGA interfaces. The input VGA ana-log video signal can be converted into a complete HDMI signal for output. In other words, the VGA to HDMI conversion cable only performs format conversion on the signal, and does not perform technical processing such as reduction or amplification of the input signal. The input and output are consistent. Supports all VGA standard output resolutions, up to 1920X1080. Since the transmission is through wires, external interference is relatively large, and the relative effect will be reduced.
  The VGA to HDMI converter uses the world's top ana-log-to-digital conversion chip, which can convert high-definition and high-resolution VGA video signals into high-speed digital signals without any loss; the back-end HDMI reception uses the world's top HDMI chip The encoder can encode high-speed ana-log signals sent from the front end into high-definition HDMI signal output, supporting up to 1080P/1.3 version.
  In comparison, if you don’t have high requirements on the effect and at the same time have low price requirements, you can choose an adapter cable, but for those with higher engineering requirements, it is recommended to use a converter.
  VGA to HDMI converters are mainly used in video products with VGA output interfaces such as computer hosts, computer notebooks, home DVDs, and home game consoles. You can link devices with VGA interfaces to high-definition display devices such as large-screen TVs and projectors with HDMI interfaces.
  For example, you can convert the VGA output of the graphics card through a converter and connect it to a full-HD large-screen TV. Please look at the picture below:
VGA to HDMI converter
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