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The difference between Thunderbolt 4 interface and Type-C interface

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Update time : 2023-12-12 17:00:06
  The difference between Thunderbolt 4 interface and Type-C interface:
  1. Different transmission speed
  The USB of Type-C is a 3.1 transmission protocol; the transmission speed of the Thunderbolt 4 interface is faster than the Type-C interface. The transmission speed of Thunderbolt 4 can reach 40Gbps, while the transmission speed of Type-C is 10Gbps. This means that the use of Lightning 4 interfaces can transmit data and transmit high -definition videos faster, providing users with a faster and smoother experience experience.
Thunderbolt 4 interface
  2. There are differences in the use scenario
  Lightning 4 is mainly used to connect high -performance electronic products such as Apple computers, external displays and storage equipment. The Type-C interface is more widely used in mobile phones, tablets and other ordinary electronic devices to provide users with convenient charging and data transmission.
  3. Connection method
  Lightning 4 interface supports two-way transmission and charging, while the Type-C interface can achieve more types of connection methods. The lightning 4 interface can be transmitted and charged at the same time without using another charging interface. The characteristic of the Type-C interface is reversible connection, that is, no matter what the interface is inserted, the device can be successfully connected.
Thunderbolt 4 interface
  4. Power output ability
  The power output ability of the Thunderbolt 4 interface is stronger. Due to its high transmission speed and larger power output capacity, the Lightning 4 interface can connect multiple peripherals at the same time and provide them with sufficient power. This ensures the stability of the power supply while connecting high -performance equipment and improves the use efficiency of users.
  5. The scope of the interface
  The scope of application of the Thunderbolt 4 interface is relatively narrow. Due to Apple's patent protection for the Lightning 4 interface, only Apple Computer and some related peripherals support the interface. The Type-C interface is an open standard, which has been widely accepted, and many electronic devices have supported the interface.