720P/1080P HDMI® To AHD Signal Video Converter Device

Item No.: PEC-VS2852
HDMI input up to 1080P
AHD output up to 720P/1080P
3.5mm audio output
Plug and play without install drive
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PURPLELEC Manufacturer Design HDMI To AHD Video Converter Device

PURPLELEC video converter device is a hardware device that allows users to convert video from one format to another. These devices can be used to convert video formats, such as HDMI, SDI, AHD tapes, to more modern digital formats, such as simulating signal or extended video signal.

Another example is a HDMI to RCA converter, which convert digital HDMI signal to the RCA signal. This allows devices with HDMI output, such as a computer or a DVD player, to be connected to a TV or monitor that has RCA inputs. This can be useful when the TV or monitor does not have an HDMI input or if the HDMI input is occupied by another device.


Product Features

  • HDMI input up to 1080p60
  • AHD output up to 720P/1080P
  • Key switching resolution
  • Aluminum alloy, super durable