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4K60 multi-function USB3.0 capture card chip solution

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Update time : 2023-05-30 09:58:27
  4K60 multi-functional USB3.0 capture card chip solution, 4K60Hz ultra-high-definition input/loop output, up to 4K60 video capture and recording, USB33.0 transmission ultra-low delay, clear and smooth video
USB3.0 capture card
  1. Applications: outdoor live broadcast, game live broadcast, Taobao live broadcast, TV recording, video conferencing, etc.;
  2. Main chip: IT9335;
  3. HDMI input: 4K60 444
  4. HDMI output: 4K60 444
  5. Support HDCP2.2
  6. USB3.0 acquisition: 4K60, 4K30, 2560X1440 144, 1080P120
  7. Video format: MJPEG, NV12, YUY2, I420, RGB32, P010
  8. Support multiple operating systems: windows, Linux, MAC, etc.
  9. Features: support HDR, support MTC input, support LINE IN, support LINE OUT, USB device name customization, support boot screen customization
  10. Support multiple other video interface input, interface status prompt, USB communication prompt
  11. UVC plug and play, high compatibility, free drive installation
  12. Advantages: ultra-clear image quality, low latency, no freezing, no flickering