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USB3.0 4-port HUB hub

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Update time : 2023-07-20 13:51:10
  The packaging of the USB3.0 4-port HUB hub is as simple as ever. In addition to the product rendering at the C position on the front, you can also see the brand logo, product name and supported interface type information on the upper and lower sides of the packaging.
  On the back, you can see the scene diagram of the USB3.0 4-port HUB hub. The 4 USB3.0 ports can be widely compatible with peripheral products such as U disk, mouse, keyboard, etc., and the USB-C on the top can provide auxiliary power supply for electronic products.
USB3.0 4-port HUB
  The compatibility of the USB3.0 4-port HUB hub can be seen to basically cover all kinds of mainstream devices. In terms of product specifications, the input and output both support USB3.0, the input voltage and current are 5V 2A, the USB specification adopts the 3.0 standard, the theoretical transmission rate is 5Gbps, and the three systems of Windows/macOS/Linux support drive-free use.
  The USB3.0 4-port HUB hub adopts an integrated design, a simple strip design (the main body size of the hub is about 104mm*30mm*10mm, and the weight is only about 34g, very light), with high-quality ABS+PC material and metal gray coating The decoration process brings a texture similar to a metal shell in appearance. In addition, the brand logo and status indicator can be seen on the front of the hub.
  There is a USB-C interface integrated on the top of the hub. According to the official introduction, this interface (IN 5V) only has the power supply function. When the USB-A interface cannot be driven due to voltage problems in some scenarios, this interface can be used to power the HUB Hub auxiliary power supply.
USB3.0 4-port HUB
  In normal use, the USB3.0 4-port HUB can be connected to keyboards, mice, U disks, mobile hard disks, printers and other devices at the same time, which can bring very good expandability to thin and light notebooks that lack interfaces. Excluding the U disk because the individual size gap is relatively large, the 19mm distance between the interfaces of the USB3.0 4-port HUB hub can basically meet the needs of four interfaces used at the same time.
  The actual power supply capability of the USB3.0 4-port HUB hub is also much better than imagined. Taking the ordinary 2.5-inch mechanical mobile hard disk as an example, it can be used normally without auxiliary power supply from an external power supply.