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DisplayPort Companion Standard

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Update time : 2024-03-26 11:17:08
  Mini DisplayPort
  Mini DisplayPort is a miniature version of DisplayPort. Published by Apple on October 14, 2008. It is now available in MacBook (replacing the previous Mini-DVI), MacBook Air (replacing the previous Micro-DVI) and MacBook Pro (replacing the previous DVI) notebook computers. Also used in 27-inch LED Cinema Display.
  PDMI (full name Portable Digital Media Interface, Chinese name is Portable Digital Media Interface) is an interconnection standard for portable media players. In February 2010, CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) developed this standard, which is called Common Interconnection for Portable Media Players and the standard number is ANSI/CEA-2017-A. Under the leadership of Microsoft's David McLauchlan, more than fifty consumer electronics companies around the world support and invest in the development of this standard. It was designed to replace the iPod interface used only by Apple.
  SlimPort is a technology developed by Analogix based on DisplayPort technology that supports the creation of a simple connection between mobile devices and external displays.