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How to use the SSD box

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Update time : 2023-08-01 11:31:17
  How to use the SSD box
  1) Align the 3.5-inch hard drive with the SATA interface and push it flat, slide the rear cover into the bayonet and cover it.
  2) The hard disk box has a USB3.0 data interface, a DC12V power supply port, and a power switch. There are two indicator lights on the body, the blue power light is on after power on, the green light is always on when it is in standby, and the indicator light flashes when reading and writing.
  3) Connect the USB data cable and the power adapter, plug one end of the USB data cable into the USB port of the computer, turn on the power switch, and wait for a few seconds to find the drive letter in the computer.
  4) The mobile phone can also read the hard disk, and check the data in the hard disk at any time. Just connect the OTG adapter to the USB interface to connect with the mobile phone.