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Macbook 9-in-1 Type-C Multifunctional Docking Station Solution

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Update time : 2023-07-31 11:18:41
  Taking the Macbook as an example, although it is superior in lightness and performance, it only retains a few Type-C ports. Take the new M2 chip Macbook Air as an example, it is only equipped with 2 C ports. If it is connected to a charger for charging, there is only one available interface, which is quite cramped.
  Combined with my usual new media work scene, I finally chose the purplelec 9-in-1 Type-C multi-function docking station as the interface expansion solution for Macbook.
multi-functional docking station
  The docking station is a function-oriented product, and multi-interface expansion is naturally my concern. purplelec's 9-in-1 docking station has up to 9 ports, including 3*USB3.0 ports, 1*SD/TF card slot, 1*HDMI port, 1*VGA port, 1*RJ45 port, 1* The PD 100W charging port (C port) covers multiple pain points such as data transmission, device connection, memory card reading, wired screen projection, wired network, and charging.
  The parameters of each interface are also in place. Taking the video interface as an example, the HDMI interface can support up to 4K/@30Hz projection, and the VGA interface supports 1080P/60Hz projection. Screen to projector or TV, you can get a clearer extended display effect; while the transmission rate of the USB3.0 interface has reached 5Gbps, the data transmission performance is more efficient, and up to 3 interfaces can also expand a variety of devices, such as keyboards /mouse/2.4G receiver/mobile hard disk/U disk and so on.
multi-functional docking station
  The addition of the all-round shielding cover is mainly to add a shielding layer outside the PCB board to eliminate the interference of external signals. Don’t underestimate this design. For example, when we use the docking station to connect to Bluetooth peripherals (keyboards, mice), sometimes there will be serious disconnections and freezes. This is because the docking station does not do a good job of signal shielding. caused by. The addition of an all-round shield can also improve the anti-static capability of the docking station and improve the safety and stability of the device.
  In addition to the rich interfaces and the addition of all-round shields, purplelec's multi-functional docking station also has some other highlights, such as more durable, bend-resistant braided cable design, solid feel and high-end appearance, good Temperature control performance and so on. To sum up, for the pain point of insufficient notebook interface, purchasing a multi-functional docking station is the solution.
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