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When You Would Need to Use SSD

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Update time : 2023-08-01 11:40:52
  Given the various benefits of SSDs over HDDs, many folks and companies are adopting them. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you must own an SSD or drain your wallet dry over it.
  So, let’s take a look at some of SSD’s top use cases.
  1. Business
  SSD is an excellent choice for businesses and enterprises that manage and store heaps of data, thanks to its high speeds, high performance, and reliability in filing transfer and access times.
  Take programming and graphic design, for example. Although HDD is common among graphic designers and programmers due to its large storage capacities, professionals have recently shifted towards SSDs for their speed. They can deliver more projects in shorter time frames than HDDs.
  2. Website Hosting
  Speed is an essential factor in the web hosting industry. If your website loads slowly, you’ll lose revenue and traffic, eventually killing your online business. Did you know that speed is one of the critical factors to improve your website’s ranking on Google?
  Professional websites include rich content and interactive features, especially database-intensive sites hosted on WordPress. An SSD’s fast read/write speed can help reduce latency and execute requests quickly, making your WordPress website load faster. We’ve written at length about how you can speed up your WordPress website.
  Data security is another important reason for using SSD, as HDDs are vulnerable to mechanical failures, leading to data loss risks. As mentioned above, SSDs are more resistant to physical damage, making them a better choice to safeguard data.
  Unlike HDDs, SSDs don’t suffer from data fragmentation, which improves the overall performance. Their low power consumption is also ideal for web hosting companies to save power and lower electricity consumption, thus allowing them to become more environmentally friendly.
  Here at Kinsta, we believe in the power of SSDs, and all our plans come with SSD storage. See how we developed the fastest hosting solution and how to choose the right storage capacity for your website.
  3. Gaming
  SSD is popular with gaming enthusiasts, and it’s no surprise. The performance of SSD is ideal for gaming, from speed to durability and energy efficiency. Games these days are loaded with heavy textures and models that can take up to 3 minutes to load with an HDD. But with an SSD, the same game would load in less than a minute.
  4. Traveling
  Whether you’re a researcher, a utility worker, or a blogger/vlogger, you’ll need a portable SSD if you travel regularly. SSD and HDD indeed come in both internal and external forms. However, SSD is more durable owing to its non-volatile mechanism and doesn’t take much space compared to an external HDD.
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