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What does m2 dual protocol hdd enclosure mean?

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Update time : 2023-11-03 11:05:43
  What does m2 dual protocol hdd enclosure mean?
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  1. As a product based on M.2 hdd, it is compatible with M.2 hdds of NVMe protocol and SATA protocol, and is suitable for 4 sizes of hdds: 2230/2242/2260/2280.
  2. The single protocol of m2 hdd enclosure can only be applied to one type of hdd, while the dual protocol can be applied to two types of hdds. The scope of application of the two is different.
  3. M2 solid-state drive nvme and sata protocols: m2 solid-state drive is also divided into sata protocol and nvme protocol, and the nvme protocol is also divided into branch protocols such as pci-e 0 and pci-e 0. Even solid-state drives with the same interface and protocol use different main controllers and flash memory particles, and their speeds vary greatly.
  4. NGFF and NVME are two different communication protocols. There are differences in performance and methods, so they cannot be used universally. The M.2 interface is a new interface specification introduced by Intel to replace MSATA. It is a new generation interface standard tailored for Ultrabooks to replace the original mSATA interface.
  5. Some low-end mobile phones may not support high-speed data transmission, so the transmission speed may be slower. The M.2 mobile hard drive box is a device that can install an M.2 solid-state drive in a mobile hard drive box. Mobile phone transmission speed refers to the speed of data transmission by connecting an M.2 mobile hard drive box and a mobile phone.
  6. I have used an Orrick mobile hard drive some time ago, which is a colorful hard drive box that supports single-protocol hard drives. This series hdd enclosure supports dual protocols, and the theoretical transmission value is between MAX, 6bps-MAX, and 10Gbps. Supports SSD hard drives up to 2TB.