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The difference between single protocol and dual protocol of m2 hard disk enclosure

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Update time : 2023-11-03 11:10:43
  M2 solid state drive single particle and dual particle speed comparison. The dual particle speed is faster than the single particle speed. The hard drive has dual particles, and the sleep music hardware is better than the single particle, so when running, the dual particles are faster.
  m2 dual-protocol hard disk enclosure means that the hard disk enclosure interface supports both SATA and NVMe protocols. The purpose of this is for hard disk enclosure manufacturers to take into account high performance and compatibility to meet the different needs of users.
  Controller and speed. The m point 2 dual port is a sata controller, which is the same speed as the 2 point 5 ssd. The m point 2 single port is an nvme controller, which is pcie4x speed, and can continuously read and write more than 1GB.
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  The difference is that the supported protocols are different. Generally, all m.2 solid-state drives with a notch support nvme and use the pcie channel. faster. The two interfaces are generally M.2 solid state that supports SATA channels. The original one has a notch. It is recommended to install a notch.
  M2 solid-state drive has two protocols: nvme and sata: m2 solid-state drive is also divided into sata protocol and nvme protocol, and the nvme protocol is also divided into branch protocols such as pci-e 0 and pci-e 0. Even solid-state drives with the same interface and protocol use different main controllers and flash memory particles, and their speeds vary greatly.
  Length of M.2 hard drive From the above three perspectives, we can basically easily distinguish the type of M.2 solid-state drive. If you pay attention to the protocol and interface when purchasing, there will basically be no problems. Due to the small size and light weight of M.2 hard drives, many people use this hard drive and a hard drive box to form a mobile hard drive.