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Type-C to DP converter

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Update time : 2023-11-02 14:30:27
  Type-C to DP converter, aluminum alloy shell + wire_USB3.1 type c_OD4.2_Total length: 15CM_ black wire (aluminum alloy iron gray), integrated aluminum alloy, quickly export heat, more efficient heat dissipation, more stable transmission, exquisite and compact appearance, storage does not take up space, easy to carry. Through the Type-C interface, the information projection screen display on PCs, smart phones, tablets and other devices is extended to larger display devices, supporting the same screen/split screen mode, the large-screen display PPT is clearer, the shared office is efficient, training and teaching are more convenient, and help efficient office。
Type-C to DP converter
  1、① 1*TYPE-C upstream port, maximum transmission rate of 10Gbps, (computers and mobile phones must support DP Alt Mode);
  2、② 1*DP port, support maximum resolution refresh rate: 3840x2160@60Hz backward compatible: 3840x2160@30Hz (requires monitor and computer support);