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How to capture Switchi game screen with HDMI capture card

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Update time : 2024-04-13 10:52:44
  For game consoles such as Switchi, you don’t need to open a screen recording software to live stream or record game footage like PC games.
  To capture game footage in PS5 or Switch console mode, you must use a capture card.
capture card
  The working principle of the capture card is: convert the image and audio signals output by the game console through the HDM interface into signals that can be recognized by the computer, and output them to the computer through the USB or Thunderbolt interface that comes with the computer. The computer can use software such as OBS Save the signal as a video in real time, and even push the stream directly for live broadcast with one click.
  Ordinary capture cards have one entrance and one outlet. The built-in chip of the capture card processes the HDMI signal at the entrance before it can be output. It takes time for the chip to process the video, and the video signal at the output port will be slower. Generally, the stronger the chip of the capture card, the better. The higher the price, the lower the delay. A powerful capture card can reduce the delay to less than 50 seconds.
  If you want to completely solve the delay, the best way is to use a capture card with a ring outlet. The ring outlet is also an output port. The principle is that after the capture card receives the DM input signal, it copies the video signal into two copies and sends one directly. Incoming loop exit, zero-delay output, the other part is converted into a recognizable signal through the capture card chip, and output to the computer through the computer's own U$B or thunderbolt interface. The computer can save the signal in real time through software such as OBS. video.