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How to record game videos with Raspberry Pi capture card

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Update time : 2024-04-13 10:59:46
  Raspberry Pi enthusiasts: If you are like me, you carry a Raspberry Pi Q and a laptop in your bag, but the HDM image signal output by the Raspberry Pi cannot be directly output to the computer screen. At this moment, connect the Raspberry Pi HDM output cable Connect it to the input terminal of the capture card, and then connect the output terminal of the capture card to the USB or Thunderbolt port of the laptop. The laptop can see the Raspberry Pi screen in real time!
  Super screen recording tool: Some video course software is very strange and cannot be recorded using any software. If we have a capture card that supports loop-out function (one entrance, two exits), we can connect the HDM connection of computer host A, Insert the input port of the capture card. There are two output ports of the capture card. One is responsible for direct loop out and projection to the screen with zero delay. The other output port can be connected to the USB or Thunderbolt port of computer B. Computer A can watch the video normally. , Computer B records the screen of Computer A in real time through OBS, and generates a high-quality screen recording video.
  Automatically collect console game video material: We can install an OBS on the Raspberry Pi and connect an external hard drive. The Raspberry Pi is always on, and the OBS software is also always on. The HDM port of the game console is connected to the input port of the capture card, and the Raspberry Pi's The USB port is connected to the output port of the capture card, and the monitor is connected to the ring outlet of the capture card (there is no delay in the game). In the future, when we play console games, the Raspberry Pi's OB$ will automatically record through the capture card and store it in the external hard disk. . By connecting the Raspberry Pi to the LAN cable and building an SMB service intranet penetration on the Raspberry Pi, we can access our console game recordings anytime, anywhere, on any computer, and obtain game video production materials.
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