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VS009 USB3.0 4K60 capture card chip solution

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Update time : 2024-01-17 10:58:32
  VS009 capture card chip solution specifications
  1. Application: Game live broadcast, Taobao live broadcast, video conferencing, etc.
  2. Main chip: IT9327+IT6805E+GSV2001
  3.HDMI input: 4K60 444
  4.HDMI output: 4K60 444
  5.USB3.0 capture: 4K60, 1080P
  6. Video format: NV12, YUY2, RGB32, P010
  7. Support multiple operating systems: windows, Linux, MAC, etc.
  8. Support mobile phone collection and screen customization
  9. Features: Support HDR, support MIC input, support LINE IN, support LINE, OUT, USB device name customization, support startup screen customization
  10. UVC plug-and-play, highly compatible, driver-free installation, supports Linux system
  11. Support Windows system: Win7 SP1 64bit/Win8.1 64bit/Win10 64bit; support Apple system; support Linux system
  12. Supports a variety of other video interface inputs, interface status prompts, and USB communication prompts
  13. Advantages: Ultra-clear picture quality, low latency, no lag, no screen flickering
4k capture card

4k capture card