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Introduction to Computer Thunderbolt Interface

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Update time : 2024-01-16 11:34:03
  Intel releases Light Peak technology called Thunderbolt (Thunderbolt interface), commonly known as Thunderbolt interface. Thunderbolt connection technology combines PCI Express data transmission technology and DisplayPort display technology, which can transmit data and video signals simultaneously, and each channel provides two-way 10Gbps bandwidth. The latest ThunderboltTM 4 reaches 40Gbps.
  Due to the popularity of Type-C interface and the beginning of Thunderbolt3, Intel announced that it will change the original mini DP interface of Thunderbolt to Type-C interface. The following figure is an example:
  1. Laptop Thunderbolt Interface Diagram
Desktop Thunderbolt interface
  2. Desktop Thunderbolt interface
Desktop Thunderbolt interface
  The Thunderbolt interface can provide computers with faster transmission speeds and the ability to transmit multiple types of data simultaneously. Each Thunderbolt interface has two channels, and the bandwidth of each channel can reach two-way 10Gbps.
  To use the Thunderbolt interface of a laptop to connect an external Thunderbolt hard drive, you need to install the official driver of the Thunderbolt hard drive.
  To use an external graphics card with a laptop’s Thunderbolt interface, you need to install the official driver for the external graphics card.
  When using the laptop’s Thunderbolt port to connect to a third-party Thunderbolt docking station, please be sure to update the driver of the third-party docking station to the latest version.
  The Thunderbolt port does not support LG 5K monitors.