4K 60Hz HDMI Input/Loopout Type-C External Video Capture Card

Item No.: PEC-VS009
• CNC integrated outer box, durable
• Ture 4K@30Hz capture streaming, 4K@60 loop out
• Support mixing Line-IN, Show more skills
• 3.5mm MIC & 3.5mm Audio out
  Product Features:
  1.120FPS refresh experience, enjoy high frame rate games and high-definition picture quality
  2.4K game live broadcast, support for PS5/PS4/Xbox/Switch/etc
  3.Live video, restore high-definition picture quality
  4.Mixer dual channel stereo reverb input
  5.Compatible system: For Windows/Mac/Linux
  6.Output color space: NV12/YUY2/MJPEG
  1. Support 120FPS live broadcast only in 1080P resolution environment
  2. The mobile phone/tablet link capture card needs to purchase an adapter/conversion cable separately
  3. When linking LINE IN to input audio, the HDMI signal source end will eliminate the sound
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