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Industrial 8-way RS485 hub

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Update time : 2023-09-25 11:51:04
  The 8-channel RS485 hub has 8 completely electrically isolated RS485 channels. Each channel has an independent RS485 transceiver, which can realize transparent transmission of 8 RS485 networks and lift the maximum number of RS485 transceiver node driver restrictions on the system bus. Realizing multi-point connections of complex structures at the bus level allows the backbone network to have no limit on the length of branch lines, and users can use flexible wiring methods.
  Each port of the 8-channel RS485 hub can adapt to the baud rate of 0~115200bps. All channels work at the same baud rate, and the channel transmission delay is very small. It complies with the RS485 standard and supports transparent, protocol-independent RS485 message transmission, making it suitable for a variety of applications, such as Modbus protocol, etc.
  If you want to connect monitoring equipment such as PCs to the network, the uplink port of the 8-channel RS485 isolation hub can be configured with an RS232 port, so that you do not need to install additional RS485 to RS232 switching equipment. When a lightning strike or equipment failure occurs, the network segment in question will be isolated to ensure the normal operation of other network segments. This performance greatly improves the reliability of the existing RS485 network and effectively shortens the network maintenance time.
  Each channel of the 8-channel RS485 hub has 6kV lightning protection capability, photoelectric isolation, isolation voltage up to 2.5KV, and each channel has an independent ground, so that when one RS485 bus is damaged, the devices on other RS485 buses can be protected, and each channel The RS485 port can carry up to 128 RS485 ports each, and the power supply and RS232 ports also have 6kV lightning protection capabilities. The 8-channel RS485 isolation hub provides you with a first-line solution that minimizes the difficulty of your networking project, improves efficiency, protects communication products, and increases reliability.
8-channel RS485 isolation hub
  ◆ Based on FPGA design, it can automatically generate accurate RS485 transceiver switching enable signal according to the sent data, and can automatically detect and control the RS-485 data stream. The performance is much better than the ordinary Schmitt trigger enable generation method;
  ◆ Each RS485 channel has 6kV lightning protection capability and 2.5KV photoelectric isolation. Each RS485 channel has an independent shielded wire ground interface and LED indicators for sending and receiving;
  ◆ Each RS485 channel can load at least 32 standard nodes or 128 enhanced nodes;
  ◆ When a lightning strike or equipment failure occurs, the network segment in question will be isolated to ensure the normal operation of other network segments;
  ◆ The uplink port RS232/422/485 can be equipped with an optional baud rate of 0-115200Bps;
  ◆ It uses an isolation voltage of 2500V DC-DC power supply and does not use serial port power stealing, which improves the applicability of the equipment. Communication signals are isolated by high-speed optocoupler;
  ◆ Supports wide range of 9-55V AC and DC power input;
  ◆ Support internal isolation and redundant dual power input;
  ◆ The power supply supports overload protection and anti-reverse connection protection;
  ◆ Comply with industrial level 4 electromagnetic compatibility requirements;
  ◆ Super lightning protection function: anti-lightning strike, resistant to induced high voltage, anti-surge, etc.;
  ◆ Fanless and efficient heat dissipation, reducing repair time;
  ◆ Anodized aluminum alloy shell, IP40 protection level, able to withstand the test of harsh environments;
  ◆ Rail or wall-mounted installation;
  ◆ Wide temperature type: operating temperature -40℃~ +85℃;
  ◆ All models have passed 100% baking machine test.
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