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Purplelec high-speed four-port USB HUB

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Update time : 2023-09-25 13:57:13
  The Purplelec USB splitter is a high-speed four-port USB HUB, also called a USB one-to-four hub. The USB splitter can expand more USB interfaces for computers and TVs, solving the problem of insufficient USB interfaces on devices. The expanded USB ports can meet the needs of USB interface devices such as mice, keyboards, and hard disks; the interface adopts the USB3.0 standard, and the actual transmission speed is It can reach 350MB/s, and a 1G file can be transferred in 3 seconds, saving transmission time and making office efficiency higher.
four-port USB HUB
  USB3.0 interface, 1G file can be transferred in 3 seconds.
  Both keyboard, mouse, hard disk and USB flash drive can be used
  Sufficient power supply, 4 ports can be used at the same time
  No need to install drivers, just plug and play
  Parameter configuration
  Product name: 4-port USB3.0 splitter
  Model: CM416
  Chip: GL3510
  Material: PC+ABS
  Power supply port: USB TYPE-C
  Line length: 0.2~1.5 meters
  Weight: 44.9g