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The market prospects of 4K TV technology

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Update time : 2023-06-01 14:17:34
  In recent years, with the increasing demand of consumers for video clarity, the video image industry is also undergoing great changes. Due to the gradual maturity of Internet technology, audiovisual technology upgrading speed is faster than imagined. Watching 1080p video online has become commonplace, and now 4K technology has become the next frontier in the video imaging industry.
  The Quad Full High Definition (4K) technology is an implementation technology that enables the digital level of a video to reach or approach 4096 pixels. Including imaging, transmission and visualization.

  4K technology is developing rapidly in the film and television industry. In addition, phones, tablets and laptops can all support 4K displays. In addition, 4K technology has also been widely popularized in medical, scientific research, publicity and other fields. As we've seen, 4K devices are flooding the consumer electronics market just like 4K TVS.
  Purplelec ADAPTS to the market demand, keeps pace with The Times, vigorously develops high standard design, high quality 4K ultra HD video conversion products. At the same time, we will move towards higher definition, 5K and 8K.
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