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How to use external USB video capture card

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Update time : 2023-06-01 14:00:15
  The single-channel USB capture card is used to monitor the P system or N system video output on the desktop or notebook. In the design process of the smart car camera group, we need to know the real image seen by the camera, whether it is Whether it is used to adjust the focus, or to adjust the look-ahead, or to adjust the angle of the camera, we all cannot do without such a video surveillance tool.
USB capture card
  USB connection to notebook
  When using a USB video capture card, you should first insert one end of the USB connector of the USB video capture card into the USB interface on the notebook so that the connection is complete. There are four connectors on the other end, yellow connector (video input), red connector (right channel audio input), white connector (left audio input), black connector (video output).
  Connect the video cable to the camera
  If you need to connect a camera, you need to use the yellow video input connector mentioned above, and only this connector is for video input, and the other cables cannot use video signals! One end of the cable is connected to the yellow connector, and the other end has two prongs. When connecting to the camera, one end is connected to the GND bottom line on the camera, and the other end is connected to VCC. This completes the connection of the entire line.
  After the above connections, you can turn on the relevant equipment and install the required software for testing. Our USB capture cards are all equipped with genuine video editing software, which is convenient for installation and use. If everything is connected and the device is functioning properly, then you should be able to see the image from the camera.
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