Last Update: May 20th, 2022
General Term & Warranty Period

PURPLELEC seriously promises that all products are inspected three times before shipping.In case of any problem with the goods in the hands of the customer.You will be entitled to PURPLELEC for you to provide comprehensive after-sales service.

1, Product warranty period and related attention

(I) Definition of warranty provisions
1. The warranty period of PURPLELEC products shall be subject to the terms of the contract signed when ordering PURPLELEC products. Aminimum of 12 months. The default warranty period for each series of products of PURPLELEC:
Docking Station Warranty period Descr
USB HUB 12 months Not including ACC
Docking Station 12 months Not including ACC
HDD Enclosure 12 months Not including ACC
Video Capture Cards 12 months Not including ACC

2. Warranty period: The start date shall be subject to the date of the original purchase invoice or receipt (if the purchase cannot be recalled) The date shall be calculated according to the date of delivery of the barcode of product serial number), and shall be deducted accordingly due to maintenance occupation and no spare parts waiting the delay time of repair. If the last day of the warranty period is a legal holiday, the next day of the holiday is used Is the last day of the warranty period.

(II) Warranty service commitment

1, Including return service
After receiving the product is from 1 to 7 days. If the purchased products cannot work normally due to their own problems. Please send us photos and videos of product problems, use conditions, and use conditions. After sales service engineer remote testing confirmation, you can choose to return, replacement or free maintenance.
2. Free maintenance service
From 30 days after purchase to the last day of the warranty period, when the product within the warranty scope of any failure, you can choose PURPLELEC cooperation after-sales service site or send back to shenzhen repair center to provide you with free warranty.
3. Commitment time period
We will reply the customer by email from the day we receive the product sent for repair, and then check it within 3-5 working days. After the repair is completed, we will send the test report to the customer by email and arrange the delivery time of the product (excluding the time in the middle of mailing).
4. Term of product after maintenance
The warranty period of PURPLELEC repaired or replaced products can be calculated as 3 months after the date of repair or replacement, or as the remaining warranty period of the original product, whichever is the longer (for the same fault only).

(III) Unauthorized approval of return maintenance cases

PURPLELEC will not accept rework items that have not been submitted for RMA repair service as required or are not PURPLELEC products. Originals will be returned at customer's own risk and freight.

2, Non-warranty coverage

The warranty does not cover:
1. PURPLELEC reserves the right to determine the fault caused by misuse or abuse of the product, whether accidental or otherwise.
2. Damage caused by lightning strike, flood, earthquake, fire and other natural disasters.
3. The customer makes changes to the product in ways not mentioned in the instructions. (Note: If PURPLELEC product manual provides instructions for installation, configuration, and maintenance. Please refer to the instruction manual before installing or configuring the product.)
4. Software products.
5. ACC such as screwdriver.
6. Product serial number lost, altered or defaced beyond recognition.
7. The warranty for traditional hard drives, solid state drives and various types of flash memory such as CFast, DOM, CF or SD shipped with PURPLELEC products will be subject to the original manufacturer's specifications. For more information, please refer to the compatibility instructions for product related parts.
8. Data or software is lost.
9. The LCD display failure is not covered by the warranty.
10. Customer or Customer authorizes third parties to upgrade, change or improperly test PURPLELEC products.
Note: Custom products and Original Design Manufacturer ODM products. The warranty period of customized products and ODM products shall be subject to the project contract.Faulty product exceeds warranty period.

3, Terms of service and charges

If the customer decides not to accept PURPLELEC repair service, PURPLELEC will either return the faulty product to the customer or scrap it, depending on the customer's decision. If the product is not within the warranty period, the customer shall bear the freight.
  *Once the customer agrees to PURPLELEC repair the faulty product, the total charge will be calculated according to the table below.

  * Under the PURPLELEC warranty, the product is under warranty and is not listed in the non-warranty section.


If the returned product is not covered by warranty or the product is covered by warranty but is not covered by warranty for reasons not mentioned in the part not covered by warranty:
  * PURPLELEC reserves warranty rights based on the stock of parts.
  * PURPLELEC will provide the customer with an estimated quotation upon receipt of the product for a paid repair, and if the customer agrees to pay for the inspection and repair, PURPLELEC will send an official quotation via email upon completion of the repair.
  * After receiving the estimated quotation, the customer decides whether to accept PURPLELEC’s repair services. If the customer decides not to accept PURPLELEC’s repair service, the product will be sent back to the customer at the customer's expense. Customers can also choose to have the product scrapped directly by PURPLELEC at no additional cost.

4,Extended warranty service

Customers can purchase extended warranty service for large order items. However, some products have short chip life cycles and some components may be subject to original supplier warranties. If you are interested in purchasing the extended warranty service, please contact your local sales representative.

5,Limited liability

This warranty supersedes any other warranty agreement, whether express or implied, written or oral. PURPLELEC's liability for the manufacture, sale, supply and use of the Products, whether based on warranty, contract, negligence, product liability or otherwise, shall not exceed the original cost of the products. PURPLELEC shall not be liable for any unintentional or inevitable customer loss, including, but not limited to, loss of profit or damage to use caused by the manufacture, sale or supply of the products.

6,PURPLELEC disclaims and does not warrant the following:

  * Return PURPLELEC product ACC without RMA number
RMA Request Form.
  * Retain any data in the internal/external storage devices that come with the product.
  *Transportation safety of products. The customer shall bear the consequences of any product loss or damage caused by transportation (the product can be insured).


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