Cooperation creates greater value

Purplelec has been working hand in hand with many partners for 14 years. We will strive to establish a stable ecosystem with our partners. Persistent, dedicated and efficient cooperation will bring customers better experience.

Become Partner

  • Supplier Partner

    Supplier Partners are mainly to PURPLELEC more stable, professional, qualified material supply guarantee, is the company's strategic partner.
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  • Brand Partner

    Brand Partners are mainly PURPLELEC adhere to new thinking with customers, development, explore new technology, new products, is the focus of the company and brand cooperation program.
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  • Wholesale Partner

    Wholesale Partners are mainly important partners with Purplelec in market development, marketing, project product wholesale and customer service.
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  • User Growth Partner

    User Growth Partners are give product feedback and market response to every technology enthusiast and help new products adapt to the market.
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