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Classification of video capture cards

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Update time : 2023-11-10 10:40:04
  Video capture card (Video Capture card), also called a video card, inputs video data or mixed video and audio data output from ana-log cameras, video recorders, LD video disc players, and television output video signals into a computer, and converts them into computer-discernible data. Digital data is stored in the computer and becomes a video data file that can be edited and processed.
  Video capture card, "Video Capture Card", its function is to capture video signals into the computer and save them on the hard disk in the form of data files. It is an indispensable hardware device for video processing. It can be used for post-editing and processing of digital video signals, such as cutting pictures, adding filters, subtitles and sound effects, setting transition effects, adding various video special effects, etc. , and finally convert the edited video signal into standard VCD, DVD and online streaming media formats for easy dissemination.
Video capture card
  Video capture cards can be divided into digital capture cards (using digital interfaces) and ana-log capture cards according to the video signal source.
  Video capture cards can be divided into external capture cards (boxes) and built-in boards according to the installation link method.
  Video capture cards can be divided into soft compression cards (consuming CPU resources) and hard compression cards according to the video compression method.
  According to the video signal input and output interface, video capture cards can be divided into 1394 capture cards, USB capture cards, HDMI capture cards, VGA video capture cards, PCI video cards, and PCI-E video capture cards.
  According to their performance and functions, video capture cards can be divided into TV cards, image capture cards, DV capture cards, computer video cards, surveillance capture cards, multi-screen cards, streaming media capture cards, component capture cards, high-definition capture cards, and notebook capture cards. , DVR card, VCD card, non-linear editing card (non-linear editing card for short).
  Video capture cards can be divided into broadcast-level video capture cards, professional-level video capture cards, and civilian-level video capture cards according to their uses. The main reason for their different grades is the quality of the captured images. The main difference between them is the different image indicators collected.
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