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Which capture card is better for live streaming?

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Update time : 2023-10-14 10:32:30
  According to the different needs of live broadcast delivery, there are two types of video capture cards to choose from:
  For individual non-live broadcast users or those who do not have high requirements for delay and color accuracy in live broadcast scenarios, it is suitable to use a video capture card that supports an external monitor and supports 1080p 60 frames. This type of capture card usually uses a USB2.0 interface and has average image quality, but it is enough to meet the needs of live broadcasts that require high frame rates and fast image changes. For example, capture cards that support MJEPG encoding format.
video capture cards
  For live broadcasts that require 1080p resolution of 60 frames or more, frame rate, low latency, high image quality, and good stability, you can choose a better brand of capture card. This type of capture card usually uses a USB3.0 interface, has relatively low latency, and can support 4K30--60 frame capture. The better the capture card is, the closer its color roundness will be to the original image quality of the camera.
  From the encoding format and image quality: Different encoding formats and image quality levels will affect video quality and transmission speed. Common encoding formats include MJPEG, NV12, YUV2 and RGB32, among which RGB32 has the best image quality.