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How to use video capture card to do mobile live broadcast and host live broadcast?

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Update time : 2023-10-14 10:44:59
  The arrival of the era of national live broadcast has brought the domestic live broadcast industry into the fast lane of development, with more and more users joining the ranks of the live broadcast army. Nowadays, the threshold for live broadcast has been greatly lowered. It only requires a mobile phone and a stable network. "One person, one machine" can become the fulcrum for launching live broadcast.
  Types of live broadcasts that require higher image quality, such as game live broadcasts and live broadcasts with goods, will also have higher demands on equipment and networks. For example, choose PC equipment with better performance, photography equipment with better collection capabilities, High-bandwidth networks and more. There is another device worthy of attention, and that is the video capture card.
video capture card
  If you only need to live broadcast PC games or live broadcast on mobile phones with average definition, you only need a computer/mobile phone with live broadcast software. If you have certain requirements for the picture quality in the live broadcast room, you need to use a video capture card. In addition, live streaming of games such as mobile games and PS4/PS5/Xbox/Switch also requires the intervention of video capture cards.
  As a brand that has been deeply involved in the 3C category for many years, the maturity of the VS009 video capture card launched by Purplelec is quite outstanding. Purplelec video capture card has four characteristics: excellent performance, smooth operation, low difficulty in getting started, and online appearance and quality.
  This product supports 4K/30FPS capture/recording and is backward compatible with 2560×1440 60FPS, 2560×1080 60FPS, and 1920×1080 120FPS. For most game live broadcast rooms and product live broadcast rooms, this parameter specification is relatively sufficient. This capture card also supports the loop-out function, the loop-out picture can reach 4K/60FPS, and is backward compatible with 2K/144FPS, 1080P/240FPS and other picture specifications, which can significantly improve the motion blur in the game picture and improve the smoothness. People with certain requirements, such as e-sports players, etc., can also easily meet their needs.
video capture card
  Purplelec video capture card adopts its classic aluminum shell technology. The aluminum alloy shell has the advantages of high thermal conductivity and fast heat dissipation. Combined with the heat dissipation hole design on the side of the capture card, it further accelerates heat dissipation and helps maintain stable and smooth operation. The capture card is plug-and-play, no need to install drivers, and is compatible with mainstream capture software such as OBS, Potplayer, QuickTime Player, etc. It also has excellent compatibility with different operating platforms such as win and Android.