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What scenarios are HDMI4K video capture cards used in?

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Update time : 2023-05-15 09:47:42
  Although high-definition video can bring users a better visual experience, at the same time, the huge data volume of high-definition video will also put a lot of pressure on the user's network bandwidth and system performance during transmission. Nowadays, many industries have a very high actual demand for high-definition video, and it has become a mainstream solution to alleviate the pressure of data transmission through video capture cards, so what scenarios are HDMI 4K video capture cards suitable for?
  1. Webcast scene
  With the acceleration of Internet applications, webcasting has become an emerging industry, and more and more platforms have begun to use webcasting to carry out business, and many webcasting platforms have adopted 4K video mode, and this transmission mode is very important for the network The transmission quality has very high requirements, and the Hdmi 4K video capture card can solve the problem of network live broadcast stuttering in a low-coding way.
  2. Video conference scene
  Video conferencing over the Internet is already an important way for many large enterprises to communicate with each other. Many video conferences are currently using 4K video to obtain higher-definition images. In order to ensure the continuity of video conferences, many companies are currently using Hdmi 4K video capture cards to solve the problem of video data transmission efficiency.
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  3. Remote monitoring scenarios
  Surveillance equipment can be said to be ubiquitous in modern society. It is not uncommon to use remote monitoring to realize video surveillance of a certain scene. However, many video surveillances have also begun to adopt 4K mode due to high requirements for video quality. The stability of remote monitoring video, Hdmi 4K video capture card is also a technology used in many remote monitoring.
  The huge volume of video files often causes stuttering during network transmission, and this problem often brings great troubles to many users. After adopting the Hdmi 4K video capture card chip solution, it can effectively control The occurrence of this kind of stuttering has helped many high-demand scenarios to truly realize the smooth and unimpeded network video playback requirements.