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Why 4K HDMI video capture card is popular in the market

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Update time : 2023-05-16 08:46:18
  Nowadays, 4K high-definition TVs have become the mainstream TV products purchased by many families, and 4K TVs using the new generation of HEVC video coding technology can play higher-definition video images, but due to the huge video data requirements of 4K videos in online video playback, It often makes the video unable to show high-definition picture quality, so what are the reasons why 4K HDMI video capture cards are popular in the market?
4K Hdmi video capture card
  1. Reasons for multi-interface output
  Many families have more than one 4K high-definition TV. When playing online video, it is often required to provide video encoding and decoding services for each TV. The 4K Hdmi video capture card can perfectly realize the one-to-many video output function. , can stably play network high-definition video on multiple 4K TVs without affecting network stability.
  2. Reasons for intelligent parameter setting
  Since the network data transmission cannot always be in a stable state, it is often necessary to adjust the parameters according to different network conditions when using the video decoding chip, but manual adjustment often makes many users feel bored. The Hdmi 4K video capture card can realize the function of intelligent automatic parameter setting, which effectively reduces the tediousness of network high-definition video playback.
  3. Reasons for webcast streaming
  During the live broadcast of online video, the content of the data packet is usually transmitted to the server. This kind of situation is generally common in the scene of live video live broadcast, but this kind of streaming has very high requirements on the quality of the network. However, after using the Hdmi 4K video capture card, even if the user's network quality is not stable enough, it can still play various high-definition live videos smoothly.
  The 4K Hdmi video capture card has very powerful functions, allowing users to enjoy high-definition video images without having to consider network quality issues, and can also smoothly play various high-definition 4K videos from the network. Therefore, this decoding scheme has been obtained It has been recognized by many users and has a wide range of applications in many industries.