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Two-channel HDMI high-definition video capture card

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Update time : 2023-11-06 10:34:26
  ◆ Using PCI-E X4 interface,
  ◆ The product is designed and developed using high-performance Xilinx FPGA
  ◆ 2 HDMI interfaces (can be connected to DVI)
  ◆ Support one machine with multiple cards, realize multi-channel collection and preview, and support multi-screen display
  ◆ Support motion adaptive de-interlacing function
  ◆ HD input supports horizontal and vertical image inversion function
  ◆ HD input supports automatic input video format detection
  ◆ Hardware color conversion, can output RGB24, YUY2 color format measurement
  ◆ HD input supports multi-level image scaling function
  ◆ HD input supports color adjustment function, which can adjust the contrast, brightness, color saturation and RGB three-color gain adjustment of the picture.
  ◆ Support standard Windows DirectShow architecture and support streaming media collection
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