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VS2584 medical image capture card

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Update time : 2023-11-06 10:18:11
  VS2584 SD capture card is a PCIe capture card that supports AV terminal, S terminal and stereo input. It supports PAL and NTSC standard video formats. VS2584 can convert signals into digital signals and perform uncompressed capture at 25/30fps. Under the Windows DirectShow & Linux V4L2 platform architecture, VS2584 supports most commonly used third-party software on the market. Good software compatibility and a flexible and customizable SDK make the VS2584 SD capture card an ideal solution for professional video capture applications.
  Interface: PCIe
  Signal input: composite/S terminal
  Capture format: PAL/NTSC
  3D Y/C digital noise reduction separation image processing technology
  Supports a wide range of third-party software
  Excellent 3D Y/C digital noise reduction separation image processing technology
SD capture card
  The quality of captured video is a decisive indicator to judge the quality of a capture card. The VS2584 standard definition capture card inherits the advantages of Purplelec video capture technology and ensures the excellent quality of captured videos. VS2584 adopts 3D Y/C digital noise reduction separation technology, which separates the brightness signal (Y) and color signal (C) from the video signal, and then performs 3D digital noise reduction on the Y signal and C signal. The use of 3D Y/C separation technology can improve the resolution of the video and eliminate the problem of pan-color and brightness crosstalk, thus ensuring that the captured image is clearer, the colors are richer and brighter, and the picture is purer and more delicate, providing unprecedented video quality.
  High performance PCIe board
  VS2584 SD capture card is a card with PCIe interface design. The design of PCIe transmission interface can realize uncompressed transmission of original video data. VS2584 directly transmits video through Direct Memory Access (DMA), which can not only reduce transmission delay but also reduce CPU consumption, ensuring the continuous high-performance performance of the capture card.
  *DMA is a high-speed data transfer operation that allows direct reading and writing of data between external devices and memory, neither through the CPU nor requiring CPU intervention. The entire data transfer operation is performed under the control of a device called "DMA controller". In addition to doing a little processing at the beginning and end of data transmission, the CPU can perform other work during the transmission process. In this way, most of the time, the CPU and input and output are operating in parallel. Therefore, the efficiency of the entire computer system is greatly improved.
  Support signal collection
  VS2584 SD capture card can capture and store video signals (composite or S-video) without compression. The collected original video data can be easily processed through a variety of video editing software for post-production work. VS2584 comes with RCA terminals (female) and a standard 4-pin DIN connector, which can support composite video signal and S-video signal input with resolutions of 720 x 480 @60i and 720 x 576 @50i.
  Support SDK
  VS2584 SD acquisition card is a complete SD signal acquisition solution that can meet the acquisition needs of professional applications. Secondly, VS2584 comes with an SDK software development kit. The SDK can provide common functions for software development and help developers or system integrators complete their work easily and efficiently.
  Supports a wide range of third-party software
  VS2584 SD capture card can provide stable and reliable multimedia video stream capture and playback functions on Windows and Linux platforms. Supports many third-party software based on DirectShow & V4L2 architecture, making system integration more flexible.