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Special medical DP interface capture card

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Update time : 2023-11-06 10:42:44
  Special medical DP interface capture card displayport high-definition capture card DP interface custom capture card
  product composition:
  ◇Send signals to the high-definition capture card through a dedicated DP signal generator
  ◇DP output resolution support: 1920*1080P@60HZ
  ◇Supports various types of ultrasound, speculum and other medical Display port interfaces
high-definition capture card
  Functional use:
  JMC-DP100 HD capture card is a solution specially designed for receiving the Displayport interface of medical equipment. After careful research and development and strict testing, it is especially suitable for the Displayport interface (referred to as: DP interface) of various types of medical ultrasound, speculum and other equipment, solving the problem of The problem is that ordinary DP conversion cables cannot transfer medical DP interface signals.
  The product transmits the signal to the high-definition image capture card through a specially developed DP signal transmitter. The supported DP-side signal can reach 1920*1080p/60 Hz, and supports automatic detection at the receiving end; it uses dispersed spectrum breaking to prevent electromagnetic interference. The picture quality is lifelike, high-definition and delicate, and the effect is good. At the same time, it can easily support various DP interfaces in non-medical fields.
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