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How to do a good job in the chip design of HDMI4K video capture card

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Update time : 2023-05-11 14:00:31
  With a dedicated video processing chip as the core, it is equipped with a video processing system composed of a powerful video encoding chip and a decoding chip. The system has an output channel and supports all common video formats and common resolution video input and output, and also supports 4K resolution output. The advanced audio processing system realizes the switching of audio signal channels. All HDMI 4K video capture card chip solutions can share audio input and output, and the audio input from any channel can be output to any audio output channel.
  1. Schematic design of the system
  When designing schematic diagrams, you must read the specifications of each component in detail and have a deep understanding. All design basis should come from the SPEC of components; component selection and design should use common devices as much as possible, use standard package library, schematic diagram and Corresponding to the PCB diagram; all components should indicate the supplier, must provide specifications, and can only be imported in large quantities after small batch trial production verification.

  2. PCB design of the system
  In the PCB design stage, multiple tasks such as stack design, functional area division, impedance control, timing control, power distribution network design, and important signal isolation should be done well. In addition, the requirements of EMC and safety regulations must be fully considered to avoid a large amount of expenses caused by rectification of EMC or safety regulations in the later stage. Other interface boards are designed with ordinary double-layer PCBs.
  A feeder allocation scheme should be proposed to reduce the moving distance of the placement head on the feeder and between the feeder and the PCB. Obtain the placement position inside each placement cycle when the feeder allocation is completed, and optimize the placement sequence of components within the cycle
  3. System hardware debugging
  Hardware debugging mainly refers to functional testing, completing basic electrical characteristic testing of hardware, and completing various functional verifications required in the requirements specification. After testing to see if it supports all common formats and common resolutions, it also supports 4K resolution output. After stretching and compressing fixed-ratio video sources, it still has high-quality video display effects, and all videos can share audio input. And output, the audio input from any channel can be output to any audio output channel. The USB port, network port and debugging port can all work normally.
  In addition, the HDMI 4K video capture card chip solution also has a hardware test for the system. In strict accordance with relevant industry standards, various performance indicators of this achievement have been tested. In addition, environmental tests, vibration tests, safety tests and electromagnetic compatibility ( EMC) and a series of security tests finally showed the results that not only meet the needs of customers, but also meet the relevant standards.