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USB Type-C Expansion Dock Solution

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Update time : 2023-07-12 10:36:39
  The USB Type-C expansion dock is mainly used for the function expansion of the Type-C interface, which can conveniently implement Type-C expansion USB3.0 interface, DP/VGA/HDMI display interface, Type-C charging port and other applications. The USB Type-C expansion docking solution includes a USB PD interface control chip, which is used for PD communication negotiation, video Alt Mode/USB peripheral function switching and coordination, etc., conforms to USB Type-C 1.2 and USB PD 3.0 specifications, and is compatible with 4 wires Or 8-wire Display Port V1.2/1.3, which can be used for Display Port/HDMI video expansion, multi-USB 3.0 and Type-C interface expansion, wired network card, sound card, card reader and other additional function expansion, USB/Type-C charging, etc. 
USB Type-C docking solution
  Features of USB Type-C Expansion Dock Solution
  1. Plug and play, no driver required, support USB3.0 high-speed data transmission, video display, PD charging function, etc. 10-in-1
  2. Support HUB expansion, and HUB downstream USB peripheral function expansion, such as wired network card, sound card, card reader, etc.
  3. Support the Type-C interface function expansion of common mobile phones, computers, and game consoles
  4. Support to expand the PD fast charging function of the Type-C interface
  5. Built-in storage unit, supports custom configuration, such as USB manufacturer ID and product ID
  6. Single chip completes communication control related to PD protocol
  7. Support secondary development and firmware upgrade to improve product compatibility