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2023latest two-protocol M.2 docking station hard disk box will be launched

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Update time : 2023-07-11 16:38:44

  There is an M.2 hard disk slot on the side of the hard disk box docking station, which supports two protocols of NVMe and SATA, and four specifications and sizes of 2280, 2260, 2242, and 2230. Among them, when equipped with NVMe protocol solid-state drives, the maximum transmission speed can reach 900MB/s, and when equipped with SATA protocol solid-state drives, the maximum transmission speed is 440MB/s.
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  While using the docking station, the power of the notebook also needs to be guaranteed. There are two USB-C ports on the back of the Akasis hard disk box, one of which is used to obtain power from the USB PD charger, and provides up to 100W PD fast charging to the notebook through the other USB-C interface, so that the notebook can keep the power continuously .

  Among the limited interfaces of notebooks, the most commonly used docking station is to expand more interfaces. The Akasis hard disk enclosure comes with a 5Gbps USB-A (USB 3.0), a 10Gbps USB-A (USB3.1), and a 10Gbps USB-C (USB3.1) for connecting mouse, keyboard, and external accessories.

  There is an SD/TF card reader interface on the top of the hard disk box of the docking station, not only laptops can be used, but also mobile phones and tablets can conveniently store data on the memory card through the card reader.

  The docking station hard disk box also has an RJ45 wired network interface. For places where there is no public WiFi and only wired network is provided, or when there is a high requirement for network delay, the wired network port supports the highest Gigabit Ethernet, allowing users to obtain high-quality network Enjoy surfing.
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  The hard disk box of the docking station has an HDMI video output interface, supports 4K@60Hz high-definition video transmission, and can directly watch movies on a large-screen TV, and can also be connected to a projector when displaying picture PPTs in meetings, eliminating the need for everyone to point and point at the small notebook screen.
docking station

  The docking station hard disk box has a built-in M.2 solid-state hard disk slot, supports NVMe and SATA protocols of various lengths and specifications, and provides users with a convenient external high-speed storage experience. In terms of expansion interface, it has three interfaces of 2A1C, which can support up to 10Gbps data transmission rate, and is equipped with HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet port, TF/SD card reader, and 3.5mm audio interface, which can meet the daily needs of most users. In addition, it also supports 100W PD power supply input, and provides fast charging support for notebooks through cables while using the docking station. It is a one-stop expansion center for mobile devices such as notebooks and tablets.