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Type-C PD fast charging + HUB + network card chip solution

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Update time : 2024-04-24 10:24:57
  The Type-C interface supports charging, USB communication, DP display and other functions. It is widely used in compliance with the trend of lightweight notebook design. When a host with a Type-C port needs to connect external peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, USB flash drive, etc., it needs to use a HUB Expand multiple USB ports; when an external network cable is required, the Ethernet interface needs to be expanded through the USB network card chip. When connected to the Internet for a long time, mobile devices are subject to power constraints and need to support charging functions at the same time.
  Type-C PD fast charging + HUB + network card solution realizes USB2.0 high-speed port expansion and 100M Ethernet interface expansion, and supports Type-C PD charging. This solution mainly includes industrial-grade USB2.0 high-speed 4-port HUB CH334, USB network card chip CH397 and PD chip CH227, with streamlined peripherals. USB2.0 high-speed communication + USB2.0 100M network card expansion + USB PD fast charging three-in-one.
  main feature
  1. Support the expansion of Type-C interface functions of mobile phones, computers, and game consoles
  2. Plug and play, no driver required, USB2.0 high-speed data transmission, RJ45 100M network card for Internet access, PD charging function three-in-one
  3. Built-in information memory, manufacturer or product information and configuration can be customized in batches according to the special needs of the industry
  4. CH334 supports high-performance MTT mode, full bandwidth concurrent transmission, and the total bandwidth is 4 times that of STT
  5. CH397 single chip realizes USB to network card related protocols and communication functions
  6. CH227 single chip realizes communication and control functions related to PD protocol, with simple peripherals and low cost
  plan description:
  CH334: 4-port USB HUB controller chip, multi-port independent parallel MTT structure design, more ports time-sharing STT mode bandwidth theoretically increased by 4 times, -40~85℃ operating range, 6KV high ESD characteristics, high integration, peripheral Simplification can effectively reduce circuit costs.
  CH397: Highly integrated, low power consumption USB network card chip. Built-in high-speed USB controller and transceiver PHY, integrated 10M/100M Ethernet transceiver and controller that comply with IEEE802.3 specification. Low cost, easy to use, supports all mainstream operating systems.
  CH227: A two-way fast charging management chip used for charging and discharging simultaneously with Type-C interface USB communication. Single chip integrates USB PD protocol, supports data role and power role switching, supports dual-port data packet transparent transmission, supports PD2.0, PD3.0, adopts high-voltage process design, supports 20V power supply, built-in LDO, and can provide a maximum charging power of 100W . Built-in PD communication module, high integration and streamlined peripherals.
Type-C Docking Station With PD