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What are USB-C hubs, docks, and converters?

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Update time : 2023-12-22 10:39:24
  USB-C hub features and benefits
USB-C hub
  USB-C hubs can expand the number of ports connecting your devices and peripherals. There are many types of hubs, including new USB-A ports, multi-port USB-C hubs with Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI or SD connections, and more.
  Compared to standard-sized docking stations, USB-C hubs are generally easier to use on the go, and they're not just designed for remote work or entertainment. A USB-C hub is a cost-effective and space-saving solution that adds a new port to your laptop, PC, or gaming system so you can connect additional monitors and other devices and peripherals as you wish.
  USB-C docking station functions and advantages
USB-C docking station
  The docking station allows office workers, remote workers, freelancers – anyone who needs it – to build a powerful and fully functional fixed workstation. The USB-C docking station is equipped with ports that support external hard drives, microphones, keyboards, multiple monitors, and SD card readers. Just connect your laptop to the docking station and you can connect everything you need. The docking station is available in models with power pass-through functionality and comes with a power supply unit (PSU) that can charge your laptop when connected, eliminating the need to carry your laptop's PSU with you. You can also choose a mountable docking station to save countertop space and improve safety.
  USB-C converter features and benefits
USB-C converter
  Newer laptop models have fewer ports, limiting the ability to connect leg-acy devices such as projectors, monitors, or USB fingers. A portable USB-C adapter gives you an additional port to bridge the gap between old and new technology devices. Easily expand the number of ports and increase productivity.
  Available models include USB-C dongles that provide secure wired networking, and dongles with USB-C port power, which eliminates the need to worry about finding a separate power source to charge connected devices.