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Best USB4 dock :Anker 568 USB-C Docking Station

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Update time : 2023-08-30 11:29:38

    Anker 568 USB-C Docking Station – Best USB4 dock for charging and displays

       One upstream USB4 port (40Gbps, 100W)
  HDMI 2.0 video port (4K at 60Hz)
  Two DisplayPort 1.4 video ports (8K at 30Hz)
  Two USB-C ports (10Gbps, 30W)
  Two USB-A ports (5Gbps)
  Two USB-A ports (480MBps)
  Gigabit Ethernet
  180W power supply
USB-C Docking Station
  This 11-port USB4 dock is compatible with Thunderbolt computers, and is built for multiple-display solutions rather than Thunderbolt expansion as it has three video ports (two DisplayPort 1.4 ports, and a single HDMI 2.0 video port) but no downstream 40Gbps ports.
  Either of the DisplayPort connections supports 8K resolutions at 30Hz. You’re probably considering this dock for a 4K display, however, and you can connect two 4K displays at 60Hz resolution to any two of the dock’s video ports. You can even connect a 4K display to each of the three ports, though only less comfortable 30Hz refresh rates are available under that scenario.
  There are two front-mounted USB-C ports but at 10Gbps rather than 40Gbps. Each can power a connected device at up to 30W, enough for a large tablet and any phone. With its 180W power supply, this dock can power a laptop at 100W and two 30W devices using all its Type-C connectors.
  We like the side-mounting of the upstream USB4 port, compared to some docks that insist on the upstream port being messily positioned at the front.
  This is not the dock for you if you are using a Mac or want the fastest downstream data connections, but it works well for multiple displays and accessible 10GBps 30W USB-C ports.