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TYPE-C interface PD USB HUB fast charging expansion dock solution

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Update time : 2023-07-13 11:28:56
  Dock, also known as docking station, is popular because the number of USB or video interfaces of notebook computers is limited, and users hope to expand more or more types of interfaces to meet the needs of multiple applications.
  There are many application scenarios for the type-c hub expansion dock. It can not only be connected to laptops and mobile phones, but also can be used to connect to Switch game consoles and tablets as screen projection. Moreover, the type-c hub expansion dock has a C-port charging port, which can quickly charge the device with a maximum of 20V3A (60W) PD, so that it can be charged while casting the screen, so that the power will not run out due to screen projection.
  The type-c hub expansion dock uses the LDR6282 chip for PD fast charging. The dual DRP and USB PD3.0 functions of the LDR6282 enable those expansion docks with dual C ports to have the function of blind insertion of two C ports. , and supports Switch game console video extension. Users don't have to distinguish which one is the charging port and which one is the smart device. LDR6282 will automatically assign the connection relationship between the two C ports according to the USB PD protocol analysis. Just like the intelligent adaptation of Macbook Pro to multiple C ports.
type-c hub expansion
  The dual-port DRP USB PD Controller LDR6282 has successfully passed the PD3.0 certification of USB-IF, TID: 2127. The LDR6282 chip has dual C-port DRP and USB PD3.0 control functions, and is widely used in USB-C Docking, USB-C monitors, USB-C mobile phone audio adapters, embedded Android/linux systems, etc., and supports standard USB On the basis of the PD3.0/QC2.0/QC3.0 protocol, it is also specially adapted to the video expansion function of the game console Switch, and the compatibility is very good.