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pcie to sata3.0 multi-port expansion card

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Update time : 2023-08-07 11:23:16
  PEC-PE001 is a host PCI-E to SATA five-port expansion card. The expansion card is equipped with 5 SATA3.0 interfaces, which conform to the PCI-E3.0 specification, and a single port supports 18TB large-capacity hard disk reading; at the same time, it adopts JMB585 powerful chip, and the theoretical transmission is up to 6Gbps, making the transmission fast and stable, and the host expansion is more powerful.
PCIE expansion card
  90TB large capacity, worry-free storage
  The inner "core" is powerful and high-speed transmission
  Multi-card slot design, strong compatibility
  Gold plating process, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant
  Parameter configuration
  Product name: PCI-E to SATA five-port expansion card
  Model: PEC-PE001
  Hard disk interface: 7 Pin SATA*5
  PCI-E interface: PCI-E x4/x8/x16
  Support hard disk type: 2.5/3.5 inch SATA interface HDD or SSD
  Support hard disk protocol: SATA
  Bar length: 120mm
  Support system: Windows/Mac OS/Linux
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