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Complete knowledge about memory cards

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Update time : 2023-09-22 11:30:21
  1. Introduction to memory card
  SD card memory card is an independent storage medium used in mobile phones, digital cameras, portable computers, MP3 and other digital products. It is generally in the form of a card, so it is collectively called "memory card", also known as "digital memory card". "Digital memory card", "storage card", etc. Memory cards have the advantages of small size, easy portability and simple use. At the same time, since most memory cards have good compatibility, it is easy to exchange data between different digital products.
  2. What types of memory cards are there?
  Multimedia flash memory card is a general term, including SD, MMC, TF, MicroSD, etc. There are nine types of multimedia flash memory cards currently in use on the market: CF, MMC, SD, MINI-SD, RS-MMC, T-Flash, MS, MS PRO, and MS Duo. 【Details>>】
  3. The difference between memory card and memory card
  Memory card: refers to the memory chip that comes with the mobile phone, reflecting the storage capacity of the mobile phone itself.
  Memory card: A flash memory card bought to increase capacity is an essential hardware system for mobile phones.
memory card
  4. Memory card purchase
  ① When purchasing, you should "live within your means" and choose to buy according to the capacity that you can frequently use. Don't think "bigger is better", or even blindly pursue "bigger is better" for the sake of "prominence". Not only will you spend more money, but the extra part will also end when the life of the card expires, and the access speed is still there. It will be much slower than a suitable size card.
  ② Don’t blindly pursue high-speed cards. Because the shooting speed of a digital camera is determined by multiple links, from image input, A-D conversion, CPU processing, to cache size and speed, they all play a decisive role.
  ③ Buying parallel imports does not necessarily mean you get an advantage. It has been mentioned above and will not be repeated. I just want to emphasize one point: the production process is rough, the surface is pitted and uneven, and the trademark printed with rough fonts is like a water-soaked card. It is not a parallel import, but a fake.
  ④ The FAT32 format for memory cards is more advanced than the FAT16 format. The new digital cameras currently launched already support the FAT32 system. Therefore, when purchasing a memory card for mobile storage, handheld computers, mobile audio and video equipment, you must choose FAT32 system card; when used on digital cameras, you have to distinguish the era when the camera was launched to decide whether to buy a FAT16 system card or a FAT32 system card.
  5. Memory card data recovery
  1. Install top data recovery software. This is the software we need to use to recover mobile phone card data. You can download and install it directly from the Internet.
  2. Connect the mobile phone to the computer with a data cable, refresh "My Computer", and display the memory card information of the mobile phone. Under normal circumstances, two mobile devices will be displayed, one is the mobile phone memory card, and the other is the card of the mobile phone itself.
  3. Open the top data recovery software, select the relevant recovery options for mobile phone card data recovery, and then proceed to the next step.
  4. Because the mobile phone has been connected to the computer, in the previous step of selection, the software will detect the mobile device of the mobile phone, select a disk, and enter the next step.
  5. Select the files you want to recover from the recovery completion interface, check the previous check box, and click Next to complete the entire recovery process.
  6. Some files are in image format. During the scanning process, the preview may not be generated because the file format is too large. You can select them all and restore them together before making a selection.
  6. The memory card cannot be formatted.
  1. Enter my computer.
  2. Press right click (right-click option) on the MMc card reader.
  3. Select the format with the red underline in the image and click to enter.
  4. After selecting start, a prompt will appear asking whether to format? Formatting will erase all data, just click Continue.
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