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Is it better to have a built-in video capture card or an external one?

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Update time : 2023-09-22 11:18:03
  1. The built-in capture card refers to placing the capture card inside the host. This needs to be achieved through the PCI expansion slot.
  2. The external type is used outside the host. You only need to connect the capture card to the host through other cables such as USB3.0 cable to use it. It is also a very convenient way.
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  3. There are two types of built-in capture cards. The one with its own chip that can hard compress video is relatively high-end, and the price is more expensive. Those that do not have a hard compression function and are compressed directly through the computer are called soft compression. Soft compression has relatively higher requirements for computer configuration, but for capture cards, the price is definitely not as high as hard compression, and the final effect It depends on the computer configuration, so it cannot be guaranteed to be consistent with high-end capture cards.
  4. The external type is currently widely used. The external type is currently processed through the chip, and is mainly transmitted through the USB3.0 interface to ensure smoothness. The better part about this is its ease of use and portability. At present, the technology of capture cards is relatively mature, so the effect can be very good to support high-definition 1080P level, and in terms of price, the competitiveness is also very good, one supports HDMI and SDI interfaces Video capture cards only cost about four to five hundred dollars, so they are indeed very popular at the moment.
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  5. With the development of technology, especially the advent of USB3.0, external capture cards have been catching up with built-in capture cards in terms of portability, stability, image capture quality and other aspects, and are even better than some built-in capture cards. Even better.
  6. When purchasing, regardless of such factors, we mainly understand our own application needs to better judge what kind of capture card we need. For example, if we use a desktop computer as a live broadcast application platform, it would be better to choose a built-in capture card for convenience. In environments where mobile office work is required and notebooks are used a lot, an external one will be more convenient!
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